The Flat ScreenWipe is an innovative promotional product from Mobile ScreenWipe Ltd. It offers a new approach to mobile marketing. Every time the mobile is used, the Flat ScreenWipe is viewed by the user and those in the vicinity.

To use :-

Peel the ScreenWipe from the back of the mobile

Wipe the screen clean with the printed side of the ScreenWipe

Stick the ScreenWipe back onto the mobile


The top surface is microfibre cloth digitally printed in full colour. The bottom surface is an environmentally friendly semi-adhesive gel that enables this sticky screen cleaner to stick to the back of the mobile.

The minimum quantitiy is only 300 pieces. For mobiles, the flat screen wipe is available as a circle (30mm diameter), square (30mm x 30mm) or rectangle (38mm x 30mm, 40mm x 20mm or 35mm x 25mm) as standard. The size and shape can be customised according to your design.

Large screens get just as dusty as small screens. The Flat ScreenWipe is now available in a larger size (90mm x 50mm rectangle, and 60mm square) for use on computers, laptops, televisions, ipads, monitors, tablets and more.

For more information or to request a sample please email us.

The flat screen wipe is the latest product from Mobile ScreenWipe Limited. To view the full range of screen cleaners please visit

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